Part-Time to Full-Time Transition

Our family has owned our beach cottage in Seagrove since May of 2002. We have traveled many miles going back and forth through the years, and we’ve created a lot of memories for family and friends here. When our kids finished college and all moved to different cities, it was finally time to move to the Beaches of South Walton full time. Having a Seagrove Beach home means lots of visits from your kids, so we knew we would still see them a lot.
Making the transition to beach living from Overland Park, Kansas has been very exciting. Everyone loves to talk about how beautiful and special Scenic 30A is – that’s understandable, because it is so true. It’s also true that property purchased in one of 30A’s beach communities can be a very good financial decision. For me, while the financial aspects were attractive, they not the most important part of owning property at the beach. Living in South Walton impacts you in many other intangible ways. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Physical:  Park your car. You will find you walk or hop on your bike a lot more. We love Saturday morning rides to the Seaside Farmer’s Market or an evening walk or bike ride to the beach to catch the sunset. While we only travel on three roads, we find we are in the car far less and much more physically active!
  2. Mental Health:  Everyone is in a good mood. You take a walk and your neighbors or families who are renting a Seagrove Beach home all say hello. It’s a positive and happy environment. You just can’t help but smile!
  3. Spiritual Health:  Smiling and being in a good mood elevates your vibration. When you live at the beach, you tend to be more aware of the beauty of people and the gorgeous natural surroundings found all along Scenic 30A. Our beaches in South Walton are so beautiful but so is the Point Washington State Forest and outstanding Florida State Parks. There’s so much nature to explore. From hiking or riding trails to the unique Coast Dune Lakes – what’s not to love?
  4. Relationships:  Did I mention you have a lot of visitors from family when you own a Seagrove Beach house? Having a place to call home at the beach brings everyone together. The ability to share this special place with family and friends is by far the most beautiful gift.

We have fully made the transition from part-time homeowners to full-time, year-round residents along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are ready to buy a South Walton Beach Home or know anyone in the market whose dreaming of a beach home, I would welcome the opportunity to show you how you too can make the transition from part time to full time a reality!

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